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On Mon, 16 May 1994, TheWho Digest (!! Hey aren't computers great!)  wrote:

> REGARDING                Ods & Sods
> I was browsing through a record catalogue the other day and noticed a copy od
> Ods & Sods "with braille cover".  Can someone enlighten me.  I checked my copy
> last night and it has cut-outs on the front but certainly no braille.  Was this
> a limited release? Specific to a particular country? What does the braille say?
> Also, my copy of Digest #70 was truncated somehow.  Can anyone zap me messages
> from 'Re: Tommy CD ROM' onwards pls.  Would be much appreciated!

My Odds&Sods is the original English Track release, and it does have the 
songtitles in Braille on the back. Or at least that's what I think it is. 
The front cover is also cut -out like a ripped apart picture and it has a 
small poster, of the Who from a live show, inside.

My digest was also truncated, even though I received it twice. It was cut 
in the middle of Alan's insightful "Tommy movie critique".

- Svante

PS I don't like blood. I even faint at the sight of it. Does that not 
make me a real Who fan?  :-) DS