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archive exploration

Well, disappointing news from the Center for American History, i.e., the
new home of the Tom Wright Who-n-stuff archive.  I marched briskly in on
Saturday and asked to be shown to the delicacies, only to be told that
they had only done a bit of preliminary cataloging, and that it likely
would not be ready to open to the public for nearly a year. :-(.  ("But
I'm not _the public_, I'm a fan.  As in fanatic?...")  The best I could
get out of them was that the music might be ready for use sooner than
the paper materials.  I hinted that I'd be willing to volunteer to do
anything that might help speed the process, but I got the sort of "OK,
thanks" response reserved for harmless lunatics.

So, mark your calendars and get back to me on this oh, about February.