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archive exploration

    Date: Thu, 12 May 1994 08:34 CDT
    From: hugh.fogel@um.cc.umich.edu

    On another note, I was wondering if the folks down in Texas have thought
    about trying to go copy some of those 2,000 + hours of tapes that have just
    been donated??? Or are they just being catalogued now? Obviously there must
    be some real gems in there, right?

Hang onto your wigs, ladies and gentlemen, because I am entering the
University of Texas Center for American (heh) History later today
(Saturday) to see, to the extent that I am able, just what Tom's left
us.  I trust I may rely on you for clarification if my Who-knowledge
fails me.

BTW, I don't know whether I mentioned this before, but one of the Keith
photos from the exhibit (showing him with a pair of jeans with one leg
missing) was labeled as being in Dallas Texas, late 1970s, and I was
able to tell Tom that the label was wrong -- I had by coincidence been
at the show, the first time ever I saw The Who, and it was Nov. 23,
1973.  I checked the same photo two weeks later, when I went to the
venue to see _Tommy_, and the entire label had been reprinted to say
1973 (not just crossed out by hand or something).  I was and am very
impressed that Tom and the people at the C for AH cared enough to
correct this.