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Who covers the Who?

Greetings Svante et al

Paul Weller's first solo effort (and IMHO a great one at that!!), his self-t
titled CD, includes a wonderful gem of a song called "Bullrush"  (those of you
in the UK surely have heard this whiehter or not you're PW fans, in the US,
it has not gotten much airplay as his music isn't "classifiable" enough for our
(IMHO again) "classification-oriented" radio stations!

Anyway -- to the point:  "Bullrush" ends with a guitar jam that moves very
naturally into one verse and chorus of 'Magic Bus'.  It is also great live --
*most* fans at his shows recognize the 'Magic Bus' part and are really drawn 
into Bullrush at that point (if they weren't already).

Personally, as PDBT and PW are my two favorite musicians, it was a thrill to see
this combination, but when you look at the roots of The Jam, and the roots of
The Who/High Numbers, it's not a total surprise to see PW borrowing it.