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"Tommy in 7 Minutes"

In message <2220A19208B@warp.msoe.edu> "CHRISTOPHER J FRANTZ" writes:

> Has anyone heard "Tommy in 7 minutes"  Apparently some record company 
> in New York (Vital Music somethingorother) is putting out a 45 with 
> two songs from Tommy played by some New York bands.  It supposedly 
> contains a kickass version of "I'm free" and a wonderfully funny 
> version of "Acid Queen" (well actually "Kraft macaroni & cheese")  

Yes, I've heard it, and it's pretty hard to stomach at some points. Actually 
it's closer to 7-10 songs, each by different bands. The "Acid Queen" is really 
funny, too. It's all on one side of the 7" single.