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re: Box Set & VIDEO!!!


For your information!

This months edition of  Guitar World has a "History of the Who"
in it including a small Woodstock poster.

Pete Townshend is on the cover in his "birdman" stance  from the 
Picture of Lily days wearing his sequined jacket.

I started reading it last night.

I only got 3 pages done.

Its very interesting, it describes alot of what the songs mean, and
some of the history of details like guitars, amps , and items that
alot of us know.

But all in all, its worth buying.

( i know, i know..I didnt finish the story..but i KNOW its cool, its
  the Who, and they made the cover! )

( Guitar World - June 1994 edition - Should be on your newstand now.
  I found mine in PathMark supermarket. So..I assume it would be everywhere)