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No Way Out

          I remember reading an interview with PT some years ago about
          how "Naked Eye" evolved out of the same type of "My
          Generation" extendo-jams on one of their tours (you can
          hear it in the version on "Live at Leeds").

          I think the place where I read it was the "...In Their Own
          Words" book on The Wh.  I'll check to make sure.  If you
          don't have this book, it's a treasure!

          As for other bands covering Wh material, I've only heard
          one bonafide attempt, and that was (I think) the Scorpions'
          pathetic attempt at "I Can't Explain."  The other thing that
          comes to mind is a couple of years ago one of the
          quick-oil-change companies in the US (I think it was Jiffy
          Lube) had a TV ad with a muzak'd version of "I Can
          See For Miles" (lyric was changed to "I Can Drive For
          Miles") that turned my stomach instantly.

          Does anybody know the story behind this?  It only ran for a
          couple months, and clearly wasn't the Wh or anybody that
          even remotely sounded like the Wh.

          Did PT actually sell the rights?  Was it a case of someone
          ripping off the melody?

          Also, does anyone have a good email address for sending PT a
          happy birthday message, like his publishing company or
          someone who actually cares at the record company?