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bootlegs and other Who material

> I received a bootleg tape a few days ago recorded in Copenhagen in '72. 
> Towards the end of the concert, during the "My Generation"-medley, much to

Is there a "reliable" source for bootlegs of who material.  I've only 
found 1 at a store near where I go to college.  The recording is poor 
but acceptable.  The "My Generation" medley contains "See me Feel me" 
"Listening to you", intro to "Pinball Wizard" and "Sparks" as well as 
a host of other noisemaking and feedback.  

> It seems many new bands draw inspiration from the Who. Many of them have
> covered old Who tunes, and others are just compared to the Who by the
> critics in their record reviews.

I've heard a Pearl Jam bootleg with "My Generation" (My Devestation, 
same lyrics except for "generation") and "Baba O'Reily"

> "The Buck Pets" has covered "Bargain" on their newest CD. This would seem to
> be a hard one to cover. I haven't heard it though.

I think i've heard this. it doesn't sound much like the Who at all, 
but it is "Bargain"

Has anyone heard "Tommy in 7 minutes"  Apparently some record company 
in New York (Vital Music somethingorother) is putting out a 45 with 
two songs from Tommy played by some New York bands.  It supposedly 
contains a kickass version of "I'm free" and a wonderfully funny 
version of "Acid Queen" (well actually "Kraft macaroni & cheese")