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re: Box Set & VIDEO!!!

A new Who video coming out ?!? Coool..
This should be a cool summer.

I really cant wait to get the box set.

Does anyone know of a price yet ?

Just for rambling's sake:

I came across a casette tape last night of a bootleg
that I recorded about 10 years ago.

I dont know of any titles or exact dates, but it contained
a pretty good recording of one of the Quadrophenia dates.

It has Pete talking about each song and describing how Jimmy
feels to this point, etc..

(* Interestingly, it also contains Pete waiting for Dr.Jimmy
   to begin, which would be Bob Pridden starting the tapes for
  the "sea". So apparently, there was a few seconds that went
   by, and its like " You better get it together, Pridden, or
   you'll be our straight man again".. then when the song gets
  a few seconds into it, you can hear some mumbling and then
  " Here comes that famous Doctor!". )

 I guess this is one of those tours where there were alot of
on stage fighting.

Wasnt the Quadrophenia tour abandoned in  the middle of because
they had lots of trouble synchronizing the tapes and the songs,
so they went to a "greatest hits" type thing ?