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Psychoderelict etc.

Hey everyone,

So several months back a friend sent me the Psychoderelict *Music Only*
version.  Although I thing the original version is great, listening to the
music only version I feel less distracted by the actors.  Perhaps this has
been discussed a million times in the Digest, but my two cents are that I
think Psychoderelict is one of, if not THE, finest solo work Pete has
done...and I love them all.  Anyone else think so?  I also picked up the
two disk (singles disks) set, *the collectors editions*, of Pyscho which
contain unreleased and demo versions of some cuts....anyone else?  One of
my favorites is Psycho-Montage which is fun to crank real loud and spook
the neighbors.

Just thought I would throw these comments in as Pete's latest has really
grown on me. Is it really his worst selling disk so far?  BTW if anyone
has the guitar tab for English Boy, please send or post on *.*.guitar.tab.