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Re: Quadrophenia Movie Soundtrack

Paul Stevens sez:
> In skimming through my latest CD catalog I noticed a Soundtrack
> for the Quadrophenia Movie.  They claim that it has some un-released
> Who songs on it was well.  I think one or more were very early
> "High Numbers" recordings.  Is this a new release?  How much of
> it is duplicated on the regular Quadrophenia album?  Anyone
> have it?
> Thanks for any info you may have.
> Also, does anyone know the release date for the new box set?


The "Quad" soundtrack was originally a double album. Side 4 were all 60's
tracks, and the other three sides were The Who (mainly). The album has both
"I'm The Face" and "Zoot Suit", as well as about half of the original "Quad"
album, plus three (then) new cuts "Joker James", "Get Out And Stay Out", and
"Four Faces". The "Quad" tunes were also remixed by John Entwistle, some with
considerable difference, especially "The Real Me" where the bass line is
punched up even further.

There's a Japanese double-CD of the whole album soundtrack. There's also now a
US single-CD that has all the Who & High Numbers tracks, but nothing else. Is
it worth getting? Hard to say. I like the remixes (although I like the
original better). The three new tracks are probably the best reason to buy it,
provided you've got to have EVERYTHING (I know I do).

Box set: The last release date I saw was May 10th. The last issue of ICE
didn't mention the box (or I missed it), but the issue prior listed May 10th.
I've been thinking about calling MCA to find out for sure, but haven't had the
time yet. Anyone out there near enough for it to be a local call?

	-- Owen

PS: Rereading your message - I forgot one detail. The "Q" soundtrack was
originally released when the movie came out ('79?), but the US CD was
just released a few weeks ago.