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Re: Pete's mailing address

blair@printing.uwex.edu wrote:

>Someone wrote in a few days ago asking about Pete Townshend's mailing
>address...I am also interested if anyone has it I'd like to have it!
>What do you think Alan, any sugestions?

When I finished my undergraduate degree, I sent a graduation announcement
to Pete at the Atlantic Records New York address. It took four months, but
I got a personal response from Pete in the form of a handwritten letter on
his stationary. From all the signatures and writing samples I've seen (and
the opion of others), it is authentic.

I have since (1985) written several more times. On each ocassion I have
written using the address for the Boathouse which was on the stationary
from my first letter from Pete. The response time is about three weeks. Not
bad; I sometimes get Pete and sometimes his assistant.

Anyway, the address is:

        Pete Townshend
        The Boathouse
        Ranelach Drive
        TW1 1QZ

Good luck!


Michael Leo McHugh - Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives
Bowling Green State University - Bowling Green, Ohio 43403-0179