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Re: box set

> I spoke to a friend of mine in London the other day, and got some interesting
> box set info.  I was told that Jaguar (foolishly edited for set) and Early
> Morning Cold Taxi both recently (several months ago) had new acoustic guitar
> tracks added to them by the big T. 
This has me thinking.  Check out Little Billy from Odds and Sods, and the
version on the box set.  The Box set version is 95% acoustic guitars
while the older versions is mostly electric..  The acoustic 
guitar parts sounded very crisp to me.  Maybe they are recent.

Also, does anyone know where the bootleg bits with the false start to 
Behind Blue eyes can be found? That's almost my fav part of the
box set.

Oh, I agree that splicing studio and live tracks together was a mistake.
I can't stand any of those.