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box set

I spoke to a friend of mine in London the other day, and got some interesting
box set info.  I was told that Jaguar (foolishly edited for set) and Early
Morning Cold Taxi both recently (several months ago) had new acoustic guitar
tracks added to them by the big T.  I was also told that the producer
'forgot' to remix some of the later tracks on discs 3 and 4.
I was told months ago by a mca vp that they couldn't find a 'good' quality
live version of Heaven and Hell for the box, and yet the audio quality of the
one from tanglewood on the video sounds great to me.   Splicing tracks like a
Quick One and See Me Feel Me seems like a incredibly bad idea to me.  Is it
any wonder that these labels have botched the Who's catalog so badly for so
    "Life with the Moons" boot. cd on the Yellow Dog label is 
a keeper...better quality than some of the stuff on the box set
and more previously unreleased material.   Most of this cd duplicates the
"Horton Hears the Who" boot cd. but this quality is definately a step up.
   When will we see a complete video
of the Isle of Wight, or Chicago '79 or Shea '82?   Would the buying audience
be much smaller for these titles?   Despite what Pete says in the video, Shea
wasn't just another show.
That 2nd night was in my opinion one of the two best shows on the '82 tour.