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Re: box set

On Tue, 12 Jul 1994, David Schenfeld wrote:

> Oh, I agree that splicing studio and live tracks together was a mistake.
> I can't stand any of those.

	I agree! Another problem for me was the sequencing of the songs.
	They were spliced way too close together. The Who R U tracks seem to
	run as one continous tune.Music Must Change just starts too abruptly. 
	Its not as bad on the old tunes where they try to recreate Sells Out
	w/ the radio jingles but it becomes grating in the Life of Moon

	IMHO the video was a better buy! Rare Trax! Awesome Sound Quality!
	Though I would have scrapped the Tommy Tour Stuff over more SHEA(82)
	Or a track from Live Aid.

	Two quick questions??

	Werent they filming the Life House(Young Vic) Shows???

	Does anyone have any more info on the rehersal WhoRU footage??
	I'd love to see hours of this.... :)
	Though it does show how pedestrian Kenny Jones compared to the MOON.

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