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The VIDEO (my personal review)

Well, today I plunked down the plastic and purchased the video and
the Stones' Voodoo Lounge (good album actually, but that's another

It's amazing the transformation of this band from '67 to the RS RnR
Circus in '68.  Before you have a band that was awkward live and
after you have a tight unit that became a live act following.  The
Monterey rendition of A Quick One was weak compared to the Stones
Circus the following year.  The live material from Tanglewood was
great.  I loved "Water"!!  At the Isle of Wight it seems Pete was
somewhere else, but "I Don't Even Know Myself" was done well.  The
Charlton footage is pretty good except that you get a perfected
version of "My Generation Blues" at Pontiac '75 (Did the Disney
channel have this as a special recently?????).  I love the song
"Dreaming From the Waist" so I'm pretty biased here.  As for the the
KJ material, you know what you get from seeing the '82 Live video.
However it appears the Pete Roger and John actually try harder in '79
than they did previously.  In fact in an old book I have of the band
(The Who Maximum R+B) the authors said Pete's solos' were the best
ever on the '79 tour.

Overall it's not as good at the Kids Are Alright, however the style
of video was done before (the Stones 25*5) and it beats that into the
ground.  Probably because there is more substance than retrospective

This is definately qualifies as a get drunk and watch this late at
night video!!!