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Re: misc. stupid questions...

Hi, all!

}  1)  The big one....for years I have been too embarrassed to ask anyone who
}  would know:  what are the lines in Magic Bus, roughly in the mid-section
}  on most versions, which goes something like "....(something) and six pence
}  every day  (too much the magic bus), just to get to my baby.." and so on. 
}  My ears won't work for that one.

"Thruppence and sixpence every day, just to ride to my bay-bay."

Thruppence = three pence.  Tuppence's big sister.

So, [assuming I'm right,] 3d (pre-decimalization :-) one way, 6d return.

}  2) What exactly was Pete's connection with Bette Midler?  Was it more
}  significant than just a friendly, professional relationship?


}  3) Although I have listened to it more and think I understand the story,
}  what are your thoughts on the song(s) Rael?  Is there more to it
}  (uncompleted additions) than what you hear on the lp/cd?

I've read [a | some] Townshend [interview[s] | liner notes] about Rael,
so there is published text to be read.  (I just can't remember where!)
What I remember was mostly about the transition (i.e. reuse) of the
musical themes from Rael to Tommy.  Correct me if I'm wrong, Brian, but
Rael on Sell Out was a cut down version of the originally intended story/
song suite.  Sort of like Lifehouse -> Who's Next, couldn't finish it off
properly, so use what's usable...  Can't remember the full story line.

> Mike <

       "He's crazy if he thinks we're coming back again..."