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1/2 full or 1/2 empty?

Howdy all,

Well, depending on your point of view, I would heartily suggest
that you run, not walk, to your local ticket outlet to buy as
good seats as possible for an upcoming Daltrey Sings Townshend
show in your area (if you are so fortunate!).

I know there has been alot of talk back and forth about what, 
why, how, if, etc. about this show, but this "almost-long-time"
(12 years) fan got, quite frankly, some major Who "warm fuzzies"
(for lack of a better term, I still haven't had my coffee yet -- y'all
mean *that* much to me!) that I hadn't felt for quite a long time.  
Kinda like an old married couple who go on a much-needed vacation
and renew their passion (sort of!)

Gushy warm fuzzies aside, I strongly urge you to go -- try to think
about how lucky we are to have Jon Alec, Zak Starkey, Rabbit B., 
brother Simon (damn he was using those Townshend genes, both in 
style, play and, yes, humor!), Guy Fletcher, and of course Mr.
Daltrey himself all on one stage, (IMHO) honestly enjoying themselves
and truly celebrating this music we ALL love so much.

Sure, a couple of songs/favorites (i.e. "I'm One") were abbreviated 
amidst a medley of sorts (Quadrophenia, in this case).  But this
only allowed more reminiscing through more songs, like "Dr. Jimmy",
"Bell Boy" (yes, more than one line would have been prefereable!  :^) ),
"The Sea Refuses No River", "Sparks", "My Wife", "Boris the Spider",
etc. etc.!

Look, it's a free country.  It's anybody's prerogative not to go.  But
I think if you do, you'll be darn glad you did.  Pure enjoyment, folks.
Nuff said.  Comments welcome.


still a "half-full" kinda gal, in my naive somewhat-youth  :^)

SURVEYS -- Please keep the faith.  I will deliver.  Bientot!