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misc. stupid questions... et al

    John sez:

    1)  [Magic Bus lyrics] something like "....(something) and six pence 
    every day 

I always thought it was "tuppence."  I wouldn't take the next step of
claiming that that necessarily makes sense, though.

    3) Although I have listened to it more and think I understand the story,
    what are your thoughts on the song(s) Rael?

I'll just mention that for years I thought the opening line was "The
wretched in their millions" rather than "The Red Chins..."  I still
think my mistaken version works pretty well; seems like Pete (or any
lyricist) would have noticed the similarity in the two phrases.  "Red
Chins" is a pretty odd name/phrase anyway; where could he have come up
with that term if not by starting with the word "wretched" and tweaking

On another topic:

Cheryl, thanks for the report on Great Woods.  I was disappointed to
read that they are apparently abbreviating some of the Quad songs to
form the medley. But the main thing is that the audience (i.e., me!) and
the musicians are having a good time, and it sounds like that is the