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Re: If I Were Redoing the Who's CD Catalog/After the Fire Q

Hi all, 

I have an exam coming up yesterday so I really don't have time for this
but hey! this is interesting.

	Studio Albums:  Each of the Who's studio albums would feature completely
	restored original artwork (including lyrics) and new historical liner notes.


	My Generation: Remixed from Shel Talmy's three-track masters.


	A Quick One:Original UK running order plus all 1966-early 1967 nonalbum
	tracks (incl. Happy Jack and Pictures of Lilly) remixed to stereo.  If there
	was room, I'd also include the live version of A Quick One from Rock and Roll

Yes, I don't see any harm in adding bonus tracks to this one.

	Sell Out: Remixed to stereo with all late '67 era nonalbum cuts (e.g., the
	original version of MAWTSH) and outtakes as bonus tracks.

Sell out to me is a classic album, so I would be careful about adding extra tracks
to this one. There are many great outtakes, however. And more radio London ads.


I wouldn't buy a Tommy box, but I'm sure many people would. Keep milking the cow!

	Who's Next: Remixed.  As bonus tracks, I would include the Join Together,
 	Relay, and Let's See Action singles and their b-sides, as well as Pure n
	Easy.  In 1996, I would release a deluxe 25th Anniversary box set featuring
	two discs of studio material and two discs of live material recorded at the
	Young Vic theatre.

I keep waving the banner for 45 minutes of "Who's Next" like the original. I am
for a "Layla" type box though. The best performances in the Young Vic shows were
of the old Tommy tunes. They didn't do the Lifehouse songs very well IMHO, so I
wouldn't have an entire disc of this concert in any box.


Leave it

	By Numbers: Remixed (maybe the drums will be audible this time).  I don't
	know of any outtakes from these sessions, but any existing outtakes with be
	included, and these can be supplemented with live material from Swansea '76.

If there are outtakes, they could be added. I don't like Live tracks on a studio
album though.

	Who Are You:

same thing here.

	Face Dances: Remixed.  There's at least one outtake from these sessions 
	(You got it in you)

There are plenty of outtakes I believe. Add'em all if they're good enough.

	Live at Leeds:

This was also a short and powerful record. Keep it at one CD.

	Who's Last: Deleted (need I say more?).

There are much stronger Live material available. And if this should stay in the
catalogue make it a single disc.

	The Kids Are Alright: This set is too long to fit on one CD.  But instead of
	excluding Join Together/Roadrunner/My Generation Blues, like the geniuses at
	MCA did, .

Yes, keep the live tracks and drop the studio ones if necessary. Include the booklet.

	Rarities Albums:
	Odds and Sods: Deleted.
	Who's Missing: Deleted.
	Two's Missing: Deleted.

	I'd replace these with a definitive 2CD compilation.
	I'd try to salvage Pete's liner notes from Ods and Sods and Who's Missing,

Sounds good

	Final question: Why didn't the surviving members of the Who get together and
	record After the Fire for the box set?  Pete wrote the song for the Who to
	perform at Live Aid, but they didn't have time to learn it, and (much to my
	surprise) they didn't perform it on the 1989 tour (even though they performed
	Dig from Iron Man).  What a pity.

I've always wondered if they perhaps did record "After the Fire", but I suppose that's 
wishful thinking again.

Just my opinions....

- Svante