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My response to Chuck

First off, I need to say that this post is a reaction to the wishful
thinking that Chuck Tomlinson had when he said his last post wasn't
intended as a personal flame.
	I know the band broke up over ten years ago.  I don't think it is
inconceivable that PT would return to Lifehouse in the present day.  Why
the fuck not?  My post was perhaps part fantasy but then again so is all
the talk about reissues of certain concerts and remastering/recompiling
every fucking note that the band produced.  So basically, fuck you....I am
not a loonie, fantasy-driven who fan that refuses to admit that they are
no more.  Who are you, Chuck?  The authority of who can say what on this
digest?  BTW, I am not some newcommer to the list and I resent being
referred to as a Prince-lister.  So with that off my chest perhaps we can
come to some kind of agreement as to what I was trying to write in my last
post and what you think I should be writing (if anything at all).  I am
not looking for trouble here, but I feel like you were a bit unfair,
over-critical, and obnoxious to me....whether intended or not.