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boot cd to AVOID!!!!

while on vacation i heard the following boot cd at a friend's record store.
 it's called "COBO HALL, DETROIT 1972" on the blackdog label.  IT IS THE
WORST EVER!!! it isn't detroit,  the who didn't even play in the states in
1972.  it is made up of parts of the bbc broadcast of charlton 74 (in bad
quality), baby don't do it b-side (with audience sounds mixed over it), and
they actually have the gall to use parts of Live at Leeds (THE REGULAR
ALBUM!!!) with audience added over the top.  awful!
avoid at all costs....   black dog, i'm told, is yellow dog's lower quality
label, but this is the worst.  also as stated in yesterdays digest, the black
dog version of the san francisco 
'71 show has numerous problems and should be avoided as well, there are much
better tapes circulating of this show.....