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Bootleg CD's and Repacks

> To whomever asked for 5 great Bootleg CD's -
> IMHO, they would be (sorry, I forget the titles most go by): Fillmore East '68;
> San Francisco '71; Edmonton Sundown 12/23/73 (two separate CD's), PT's "The
> Lifehouse Demos", and one of the early BBC track cd's.  You won't go wrong.

Is there a good bootleg of San Francisco '71 available?  I bought
the CD from Black Dog and I swear the sound is half an octave too
slow.  You can hear everything, but the quality pales to anything
commercially released.

> For favorite tracks on the new video, 
> I have to say that Young Man's Blues was
> nothing less than stunning - I could only shake my head in amazement!

Personally I think the Young Man Blues on the Kids Are Alright blows
the Isle of Wight away, I guess I'm in the minority on this.
However nothing beats 'Water' from Tanglewood, my definate favorite
on the video.

> Finally - they can repackage anything - look at what they did with the Bowie
> catalog.  I think its just another way for record companies to take what was
> supposed to be "the ultimate in sound" and make you buy it again, and I think
> it stinks.  After all, that's why we had to buy all of this stuff again a few
> years ago.  nless there is truly new material, count on me to stay away!

Im sure there are some Jimi Hendrix fans on this group who have
bought the newly packaged MCA releases.  This should give you an
idea what is in store for the Who.  You're going to get b-sides and
extensive liner notes that document each song.  As someone mentioned
earlier, I don't know how they are going to spread the wealth of
rare Who tracks on previously released albums.  I hope what ever
they do it's COMPLETE and does not cut corners.