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Bootleg CD's and Repacks

To whomever asked for 5 great Bootleg CD's -

IMHO, they would be (sorry, I forget the titles most go by): Fillmore East '68;
San Francisco '71; Edmonton Sundown 12/23/73 (two separate CD's), PT's "The
Lifehouse Demos", and one of the early BBC track cd's.  You won't go wrong.

For favorite tracks on the new video, I have to say that Young Man's Blues was
nothing less than stunning - I could only shake my head in amazement!

Finally - they can repackage anything - look at what they did with the Bowie
catalog.  I think its just another way for record companies to take what was
supposed to be "the ultimate in sound" and make you buy it again, and I think
it stinks.  After all, that's why we had to buy all of this stuff again a few
years ago.  nless there is truly new material, count on me to stay away!

 PS - Athena and Cook's County have nothing to do with Lifehouse.  I think a
great Lifehouse box would come from all of the tracks plus the full Young Vic
show, and would only be doable if Pete wants to be involved - otherwise it is
screwing up an already complex concept.

Best - Mason Weinrich