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random thoughts....

on the quad stk. keith plays on four faces, mr. jones plays on joker james
and get out
stein filmed baba and wgfa for tkaa in 77 +78 because he didn't feel the film
would be complete without them, and yet there wasn't any outstanding film
footage of these two songs
(in his opinion-not mine) i've always felt they were great versions,  but
probably not the 'ultimate' versions.
alan, the tour with herman's hermits ended Sept. 9 in hawaii,
12/2 and 12/3/67 were at the village theater (later to become the fillmore
east) in nyc.  
joe, the rochester 67 show was on 8/30
b2r- the 1st album tracks on the box haven't been remixed.  they didn't have
access to the masters at that time, but they are working out a deal for the
remastered discs series.

the fade out of baby don't do it on cd has always been irratating to me.  i
think it is one of the greatest who performances and i was also disappointed
it was left off the box.
chris charlesworth can be written to c/o omnibus press
at: #8-9 firth st.      London  W1     W1V 5TZ
please do write to him with suggestions,  he is a nice guy, but i think,
who-wise, leans to heavily towards the 60's, giving the cold shoulder to the
70's material.
another important who catalog person to write to (or c.c.)
would be andy mckaie who is vp of catalog development at 
mca.   he has told me flat out he has very little desire to try to please
'the hard core fan',  but sadly he's the point man at mca
write c/o mca records,    70 universal city plaza
universal city, ca.  91608   
in both cases i think it would take a tremendous volume of mail to alter
probably well-intentioned, but ultimately mistaken plans,   so the more
people who get in the act, the better....lurkers unite!!!!