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Re: add ons

Hi all,

There's been a lot of talk about CD reissues lately, so I just think I'll
bore you with some of my opinions.

My favorite Who album is "Who's Next". Actually it's my favorite _rock_album_,
period. I think one of its strengths is, besides being a great collection of
songs, that it's not too long, and the musical concept is perfect. The way the
album starts with a synthesizer type sound (Baba) and ends the same way (WGFA).
Adding songs would ruin the concept IMHO. As Roger Daltrey put it: "Putting
'Pure&Easy' in there would just make it a longer great record".

I still believe that "Lifehouse" deserves a better fate, and more attention
than "just" the "Who's Next" album. I think a "Lifehouse"- box set seems far
more interesting than a "Tommy" ditto.

A "Lifehouse" box would need a lot of work though. It's not just a question of
putting a bunch of songs together, one after the other. It would need a lot of
great art work, and essays, the story about the making of Lifehouse, etc.

One important question is of course if "Lifehouse" is finished enough to make
it a good box. I mean are songs from '78 and '82 like "Athena" and "Cooks 
County" going to be in there? Songs from "Psychoderelict"?

Issuing a _good_ Lifehouse box would also bring attention to the movie project
again, and perhaps someone would like to make an alternative theatre piece out
of it. Away from Broadway, please! (How about a staging in wastelandic East
Berlin, in true European spirit! [Huh...?])


Also, I wouldn't want to see a "Who greatest Live" box '65- whatever. I'd much
rather see a single disc from say "San Fransisco '71" or "Swansea '76". I know
from hearing individual tracks from concerts have got me thinking "Wow! What
a great song! I must hear the rest of that concert!" This will be the effect
of a Live box I'm sure.

That was also one disappointment with the "Maximum R&B video" that it was a 
collection of (great) live tracks rather than a full Who concert, say 
"Tanglewood" or "Isle of Wight".

Are you still here.....?

- Svante