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favorite 30 Years clip..

Anyone have a favorite clip ?

This is extremely tough, it came down to the wire, but aside from
chickening out and saying it was ALL good ( Truth ) I have to say
that if I had to pick a flick for the desrt island thing, it would
be Heaven And Hell...

Turn this baby up and watch the magic. My Lord, I am so new to seeing
the :real thing: from them ( aside from TKAA) They sounded as if they
were a true heavy metal band in Heaven and Hell..  

I waited 15 years for something like this video, and seeing them play
when they were in their 20's, sounding just like the albums, Rogers voice
in fine shape..Pete busting a nut with the windmills...Is awsome...

By the way..."Young Man Blues" was the runner up...

Also, there is a question I have for anybody to answer.. I dont remember what
song it was, and it was the first time I ever saw, not just read about,
Pete's hand bleed..I just cant picture which of the commercial video 
tapes I have have this in it...Its kinda weird, but I sometime use to think
that when he did windmills, that he wasnt really a chord being hit, that he
used the fingers on the neck to make the noise somehow..I guess he does hit
them ... I thought more as I was new that he did it as part of a "show",,
I think I am wrong..I think now that he hit the chords..

Also...third place goes to "Water"....