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[AI.amck@mcc.com: Where were The Who in '67?]

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    From: AI.amck@mcc.com (Alan McKendree)
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    Subject: Where were The Who in '67?
    Date: Mon, 22 Aug

    Hi bunch,
    I'm trying to fill in some missing dates on the Who/Herman's Hermits '67
    tour; if anyone reading this saw them then, or has an itinerary of the
    tour, or knows of newspaper reviews, etc. read on...
    Thu. Aug 17, played in Chattanooga, TN
    Fri. Aug 18 ???
    Sat. Aug 19 ???
    Sun. Aug 20, played in Fargo, ND and Minneapolis, MN
    Fri. Dec 1 played in Long Island
    Sat. Dec 2 ???
    Sun. Dec 3 ???  (I think this was the last date of the tour).
    The question is, what were The Who doing on the ??? dates.  Presumably
    they were playing, as these were weekend nights, but if anyone knows for
    sure or has pointers, please e-mail.
I saw the Who on this tour at the Rochester War Memorial Auditorium in
August 1967. A friend who was with me said it was the day before Keith
Moon's birthday which would make the concert August 22. I know it was late
in the month. They played in between Blues Magoos and Herman's Hermits.    

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