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Re: favorite 30 Years clip..

On Mon, 22 Aug 1994 QUADROPHENIA@delphi.com wrote:

> Anyone have a favorite clip ?
> This is extremely tough, it came down to the wire, but aside from
> chickening out and saying it was ALL good ( Truth ) I have to say
> that if I had to pick a flick for the desrt island thing, it would
> be Heaven And Hell...

 "Bellboy" where Keith Moon sings, plays the drums, and has problems with 
the headphones that he was supposed to wear to keep in step with the tape
 I really liked the entire Isle Of Wright thing, also, the whole act.

> Turn this baby up and watch the magic. My Lord, I am so new to seeing
> the :real thing: from them ( aside from TKAA) They sounded as if they
> were a true heavy metal band in Heaven and Hell..  

 I watched it, heard it several times through the tv, & stereo....
They were crying out the true rockers dream in Heaven & Hell.
I wish we had another Enwhistle rocker, "Sucess Story" in a live version.
IMHO, that is a sarcastic story of the who!

> I waited 15 years for something like this video, and seeing them play
> when they were in their 20's, sounding just like the albums, Rogers voice
> in fine shape..Pete busting a nut with the windmills...Is awsome...

 PT can still do the windmills now, man.
 When you have it, you have that skill for life!
 First place, 2nd, 3rd... its all the Isle of wright feastive. Bottom line.
My favorite part of the tape....

 My favorite era of the who.....

 Broadcasted to the entire list, so sorry man, but trying to encourage 
talk about the who, legal cds, videos that we can all go buy...

Kevin in Vancouver USA