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Rolling Stone rating

I thought it was cool to do that mainly because there are
alot of people who don't know more than "Pinball Wizard"
and Eminence Front from them. 

Maybe some will discover them by purchasing there own ( Not a bad price
when you read the sales, I got mine for 49 bucks. ) box set.

Even if the reporters/writers/critics,etc, dont either know alot of the
Who or know about so many groups that they cant judge correctly, thats 
besides the point, I think.

Maybe the people who give them a chance and listen instead of having their 
stereotypical ideas that they only smashed guitars and wrote a rock opera.
And died after Woodstock..I hate when I read or hear that they are a Sixties
band..I hear that alot when they group names together for a "classic rock
speacialty type day" Block Party Weekends, etc...Alot of people dont know
them as a band that had a rich career ( well, ok, compared to Michael Jackson
it may not be as rich..but in terms of the songs..they  had 7 albums in the
eighties..Thats alot...I think.  Not as much as the Stones, but opinions
about the Stones music varies from individual to individual about their
70's albums...

( Sorry, meant to say 7 albums in the 70's... :)     )

But, anyway...

After rambling...I thought of the review as a way to get the kids today
who think all bands come from Seattle, to discover some awsome sh*t..!

It could happen....They were brand new to me at one time. I didnt discover them
until I saw the commercial for TKAA on TV with Ringo doing a spot..

THat was 15 years ago, now I am 30 and I am talking to a bunch of WHOfans
So...You never know. I thought it was more positive then those "another
best of from the "Theif" Who " everytime something comes out, saying how
repetetive every album is..