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1989 Tour/Set Lists Wanted

    Date: Thu, 18 Aug 1994 09:19 CDT
    From: B0RN2RUN@aol.com

    Speaking of the 1989 tour, could somebody post some set lists?  I'd like to
    know all the songs they played (even those I missed).  If any of this
    information is available at an FTP site, please let me know.            

This has been done in spreadsheet form (I kid you not); every set list
for every U.S. show of '89.  Frankly I'm too lazy and busy to type the
whole thing in, and I doubt that it would be particularly readable in
any case (would _not_ fit in 80 columns).  But if anyone wants a
photocopy, drop me your mailing address.  Due to a sweet deal my
employer has with DHL, this offer is also open to non-US readers at no