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Woodstock Box Set

<<Don't quote me on this following stuff, but as I remember one of the
other CDs will be all of Hendrix's set, another CD is all of someone
else's set, and the fourth is assorted.>>

Ooops!  I quoted you on that.  Atlantic has released a 4 CD Woodstock box
set.  In what is bound to be a disappointment for Who fans, only one track by
the group is included (I'm not sure about this, but I think it's "We're Not
Gonna Take It").  In another odd move, the set includes some, but not all, of
the material found on the two previously released Woodstock soundtracks, so
all the Woodstock fanatics out there would have to get all three sets.  As
far as I can tell, the only reason to get the new box set is for the Band and
CCR material, none of which has been previously released (officially, at
least).  Jimi Hendrix's set (actually, only about half of his set) is
available on a newly issued CD from MCA (only a couple of songs appear on
Atlantic's box set).  Finally, Great Dane (an Italian bootleg label) is set
to release a four CD box set of unreleased material from the original
Woodstock festival.  I wouldn't be surprised if they included plenty of Who

Actually, if anybody is interested in buying the Woodstock box set, my advice
is this: DON'T.  Buy the Monterey Pop Festival box set instead.  It features
many of the same acts (e.g., The Who, Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix), but
the performances are much better.  The sound quality is also phenomenal for a
1967 live recording.