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1989 Tour/Set Lists Wanted

<<The '89 tour was disheartening enough.>>

<<How many of you saw the Who in '89?  To me, there isn't much difference in
Daltrey's tour.  Pete was there sure, but was he REALLY there?  The Who
aren't the Who if Townshend can't express himself on an electric guitar.>>

I saw the Who twice in '89, both times at RFK.  Due to a technical glitch in
the phone order system, I was able to get incredible seats for both nights
(second row the first night, twentieth row the second night).  Unfortunately,
they fixed the glitch by the time Rolling Stones tickets went on sale :-(

IMHO, there was nothing disheartening about the Who in '89.  Was it Live at
Leeds revisited?  Of course not.  Keith was dead, and the others (who,
fortunately, did not take the lyrics to My Generation literally) were twenty
years older.  But Simon Phillips is a much better drummer than Kenny Jones,
and Pete, John, and Roger managed to put on a damn good show for a bunch of
old farts.  Besides, my philosophy was this: Pete's Brixton concert
(available on the Deep End Live video) was terrific, and going to a Who show
in 1989 was like getting all that PLUS Roger and John.  On the whole, a
pretty good deal.  

As for Pete, he really WAS there.  He played the hell out of his guitars,
both acoustic and electric.  By my count, once the Tommy set was over, Pete
played electric guitar on most of the remaining songs.  Besides, I actually
enjoyed getting a chance to hear the acoustic parts for once.

Speaking of the 1989 tour, could somebody post some set lists?  I'd like to
know all the songs they played (even those I missed).  If any of this
information is available at an FTP site, please let me know.