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The Heartbreak of Crossfades

>..When asked why the album was sequenced with little space >between
>tracks, Astley replies with a chuckle. "That was my doing," he >says. "The
>Who always played that way on stage."

Strangely enough in an interview with Chris Charlesworth in the CD Watchdog
section of the new issue of ICE, *he* takes the blame for the crossfades idea
sighting the same reason as Astley does above, along with the rational that
they were trying to squeeze all the music they could onto the four discs. So
he believes their clipping, snipping, editing and crossfading was justified
to get a few more numbers into the set. They are both brave men to suffer the
slings and arrows of flames from Who fans.

Sorry gentlemen I'm sure this was a well intentioned blunder, but one of
great magnitude to many fans of this music.

Would we cut the 3 witches' scene out of "McBeth" and the balcony scene from
"Romeo and Juliet" to get them both to fit into a specific number of pages?

An atrocity by any other name...... : )

BTW, the Sept issue of ICE (although already liberally quoted in this mailing
list) is essential for Who fans who want the complete run down of plans for
the upcoming catalog overhaul, and some answers to questions re: The Box.

Pete P.