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Re: Boiler Suit Shows

Original posting from Joe Grimes:
>I just picked up the new "30 Years" video and was blown away by the 
>quality of the Tanglewood and Isle Of Wight shows, both visually and 
I have to agree 100%. This was the Who at their absolute peak. A well done
video, not all chopped up and butchered like the CD boxed set. The video
was also very good at showing the Who in their different stages, mid-60's
finding their identity, 69-70's peak, early 70's large arena band, later
70's deterioration until their final demise on 09/07/78. IMHO, the Who
ended on that day and the "30 Years" video confirms it with the
performances of everything that followed.

>I have a fair quality copy of Tanglewood and a partial "Naked Eye" from 
>Wight. Perfect film of these shows exists somewhere...
>Has anyone seen really good copies of these shows?  Wight was not 
>released because of lighting problems, but it looked good to me.
>What are the chances that they will be released commercially?

I also hope these videos will be released but I'm not optimistic. If anyone
has good quality videos of these shows please contact me re: purchase or trade.
>Also, it says in the Box that there may be a live CD boxed set put 
>together.  I hope they release whole shows (like Hendrix's Stages) and 
>not just parts!  Hmmm...How about the WHOLE Leeds show?  Even Young Man 
>Blues and Shakin' All Over are edited on Live at Leeds.

I'd be happy if somebody would just release a decent bootleg of the Leeds
show. My tape of the show is pretty low quality.

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