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Boiler Suit Shows

I just picked up the new "30 Years" video and was blown away by the 
quality of the Tanglewood and Isle Of Wight shows, both visually and 

I have a fair quality copy of Tanglewood and a partial "Naked Eye" from 
Wight. Perfect film of these shows exists somewhere...
Has anyone seen really good copies of these shows?  Wight was not 
released because of lighting problems, but it looked good to me.
What are the chances that they will be released commercially?

Also, it says in the Box that there may be a live CD boxed set put 
together.  I hope they release whole shows (like Hendrix's Stages) and 
not just parts!  Hmmm...How about the WHOLE Leeds show?  Even Young Man 
Blues and Shakin' All Over are edited on Live at Leeds.

Joe Grimes