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Quick notes...

I think it's a little early to either panic because we're about to
be invaded by usenet alt.music.who readers or to think about
getting rid of this list.  Email lists are always much more
"focused" than newsgroups.  People don't mind browsing a newsgroup,
but very few are willing to have their mailboxes cluttered daily
unless they are *very* interested in the topic.

Yes, this list is bound to grow, becasue of people hearing about it
via usenet, but based on other lists I've been on I don't think
it will happen too fast.

Personally, I see uses for both and think keeping them separate
is just fine.  For one thing, you don't have alt.syntax.tactical
sending messages to email lists just to see flame wars start up.

   Paul Stevens                        {apple|decwrl}!metaphor!pstevens
   Metaphor Computer Systems           pstevens@metaphor.com
   Mountain View, CA