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>My gosh man, are you even a Celtics fan.  If you remember that moment (they
>show it on ESPN all the freaking time) Drexler was all over Bird.  If that
>todays NBA, Larry would have been shooting a free throw to win the game, or
>he had missed the shot he would have been shooting free throws to tie it
>He did not travel, he clearly was in the air when he shot the ball, it may
>looked funny but he did not travel.  And I'm not exactly sure what you mean
>"a drop of objectivity", but I can be objective and still see that he not
>shot the ball while he was in the air, but was fouled as well.
>> His foot wasn't _close_ to the line, he'd already _landed_inside_ the
>> when he shot the ball. Anyone but Johnny Most should've been able to see
>> that not only it wasn't a 3-pointer, it was a walk. That the refs gave it
>> to him was a disgrace, IMO. I feel really uncomfortable complaining about
>> "Jordan rules" ('though I still do it) when I recall that moment.
>> I remember Drexler being gracious about it after the "defeat", as he

You better believe that was a bad call...hello from Portland..cost us the
game..have it on tape...