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17 Posts in 3 days!!!

Am I the only one bothered by the Noah P. Evan online/e-mail internet talk

17 posts in 3 days is much, and what is with this picking apart every
detail on each post.  I know my auto delete hasn't worked more in some

My suggestion if you want to nitpick each post in this ongoing yada yada
yada give and take about the CBA/bs then take it off line.  Stick to the
news or generalities.

I feel like I need to be "Noah" to part the waves of the flood of Noah

BTW thank you Mike Dynon for reporting and acknowledging some real Celtic
related news for a change.  You would have thought the draft was weeks ago.
 With Edney gone I think it is time to strongly consider going after Alvin
Williams once of the Blazers, then traded to the Raptors in the Damon deal.
 A very strong back-up PG who could be gotten cheaply if the Blazers don't
steal him back.  How about it Warwick?