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Re: Bulls management

Noah P. Evans wrote:
> > I think Bulls management with their Floyd announcement IMO made a very
> > smart business decision.
> Did they? I for one have faith in the fans' ability to see through that
> contrivence rather easily.
You may think so but according to reports on Miami talk radio, the Bulls
renewals are at 90 plus % with 14000 on the season ticket waiting list.
As far as luxury boxes, I personally don't know what is involved since
there are probably other events included such as Blackhawks and concerts
> >They left the door wide open for Phil Jackson
> > to return to be the coach.
> Did they? Jackson had already stated that he wouldn't be back to the Bulls
> in no uncertain terms. The Jerry's action sounds like a PR move to me.

A brilliant PR move, I would say.
> > They told the Prima Donna Jordan that they
> > want Jackson to come back to coach so that they can keep intact their
> > team for another run at the championship.
> I don't think this announcement had anything with Jordan directly. The
> Jerry's are trying to shift blame to Jackson when the Bulls win 20 games
> next year as you state later.

I think it has everything to do with Jordan. I also don't think that
they give a rat's ass about Jackson but only showed concern for because
of the Prima Donna.
> >If Jackson refuses
> He already has.
> >they will
> > claim that they did everything in their power to keep him as coach and
> > that they are not in any way responsible.
> I agree.
> >If Prima Donna Jordan retires or goes to another team(very unlikely)
> Personally I think he will go to another team. The Jerry's hiring Floyd,
> after Jordan explicitly stating his dislike of Floyd and his desire to play
> for Hamblen(sp?), is a definitely slap in the face to Jordan. And given
> Jordan's typical reaction to stuff like that, I wouldn't be surprised to see
> him on the Knicks next year.
Poor, poor Michael, I for one am sick of his self indulgent attitude and
personally I would like to see him take his ball and his crying towel
home. Where are the Knicks or any team going to find 15- 30 mill to pay
him, you don't think he is going to play for chump change do you.
> > they will basically be telling
> > all their fans that it was not their decision to not keep the team
> > intact but instead it was Jackson's and Jordan's intent to break up the
> > team.
> >A real business coup for the Bulls, since with the lockout and
> > all, the season ticket holders will have to shoot crap and renew.
> The real money is in the luxury boxes (which come up for renewal in a few
> years). The bulls are making a very big gamble. If their ploy fails and
> Jordan goes elsewhere, the Bulls can expect to be held in the same esteem as
> Denver as a free agent destination. That would not bode well when
> corporations look to renew their lease on luxury boxes.
Most corps only care about a tax write off, although I will grant you
that they would all want Jordan back even if they had to wheel him in.
> >Either
> > way the Bulls management wins, they will have season ticket money in
> > hand and probably won't have to pay Jackson, Jordan, Pippen and Rodman
> > this year.
> See my earlier comment regarding luxury boxes. I'll venture to guess that
> those salaries are negligible compared to the revenue that Jordan's
> Bulls --a worldwide sensation-- provide.
I may be wrong but isn't the Bulls items part of NBA properties and the
benefits are shared by the players and the league. The real big loser
will be Nike, whose business is in the tank now and only get worse when
Jordan is out. I believe his biggest pressure to stay with the Bulls
will come from Phil Knight to play again. Don't forget that Jordans
makes most of his money(about 70 mill) from endorsements.
> >Jordan if he is a man of integrity, giving up his $35 mill
> > salary (which I doubt) will retire because and I quote " I(Jordan) will
> > not play for any other coach. "
> >Of course there is the other man of
> > integrity, the honorable Pippen who and I quote, (I will not be back
> > with the Bulls after this year because of the way I have been treated by
> > management). Then there is the whacko Rodman who doesn't give a crap one
> > way or the other and will sign a contract with any team that offers the
> > most money and will let him wrestle with the Hulkster on the side.
> Jordan and Pipper waffle nearly as much as Bill Clinton.

But do they get as many girls as the slickster!

 Also Jordan's
> "integrity" is subjective given his penchant for gambling. Pippen is rather
> immature and easy to manipulate. If Jordan wants Pippen to do something I
> bet Pippen will. I agree with your analysis of Rodman.
> >       The bottom line to the Bulls, could be a saving of any
> > where up to 70
> > mill in salary for the coming year.
> >This particular owner (Reinsdorf a
> > real lowlife) can't lose in either profits or public relations with the
> > fans. Owner wins, players lose.
> I think he will lose and massively. All that he has to do is push Jordan a
> little farther. Even if the public doesn't see through the Jerry's ploy now,
> what do you think they would do if Jordan made a public condemnation of
> Reinsdorf?
I think the fans for the most part would say to Jordan basically that
Jackson didn't want to coach anymore and it is not Bulls management
fault. All teams take a dive in attendance once they topple from the
elite. Note the C's, Lakers and Pistons, all of whom stopped playing
before full houses until they started to rebuild.

 Given the public's near mindless belief in their idol, the Bulls
> would become sports lepers, the equal of the Clippers.
> This does relate to the Celtics in regards to the Antoine situation. Isn't
> it obvious that the Boston media are trying to paint Antoine as the villain
> in order to make Celtics management appear blameless when Antoine leaves? If
> Tim Hardaway has his way and Antoine goes to the Heat we will regret it for
> decades to come. Riley is one of the few coaches that could easily harness
> Antoine's attitude and potential.

I love Antoine but I think he would have a difficult time with Riley who
is much better at coaching veterans and not young kids.