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RE: Bulls management

> A brilliant PR move, I would say.

Only hindsight will tell.

> I think it has everything to do with Jordan. I also don't think that
> they give a rat's ass about Jackson but only showed concern for because
> of the Prima Donna.

I was unclear, let me explain. The Jerry's action is not aimed at Jordan or
Jackson, it is aimed at the fans. The use of Jackson as a fall guy is merely
the method of their action. Jordan is fully aware of the false nature of the
Jerrys' action(and the Jerrys know that) so if the action was, truly,
directed at Jordan it was useless.

> Poor, poor Michael, I for one am sick of his self indulgent attitude and
> personally I would like to see him take his ball and his crying towel
> home. Where are the Knicks or any team going to find 15- 30 mill to pay
> him, you don't think he is going to play for chump change do you.

Money is merely an abstraction to Jordan now, a qualification of his "worth"
and "respect", just as it is to Antoine. Taking 1 mil a year from New York
would be worth it to Jordan in order to get back at the Jerrys. Jordan is
extremely vindictive. Especially to Krause. Given everything we know about
Jordan, he will be unable to resist an opportuinity to twist the knife.

> Most corps only care about a tax write off, although I will grant you
> that they would all want Jordan back even if they had to wheel him in.

It is not as easy as you make it out to be. If it was the lesser teams would
not engage in the constant media blitzes in order to sell their luxury

> I may be wrong but isn't the Bulls items part of NBA properties and the
> benefits are shared by the players and the league.

To some extent yes. But I don't recall the exact statistics but the Bulls
attract quite a lot to Chicago that would not otherwise be there. Without
Jordan I doubt it would be the case.

>The real big loser
> will be Nike, whose business is in the tank now and only get worse when
> Jordan is out. I believe his biggest pressure to stay with the Bulls
> will come from Phil Knight to play again. Don't forget that Jordans
> makes most of his money(about 70 mill) from endorsements.

That might happen. It would be interesting to watch. I have no great love
for nike however.

> But do they get as many girls as the slickster!

If Magic Johnson and Wilt are any indication, yes.

> I love Antoine but I think he would have a difficult time with Riley who
> is much better at coaching veterans and not young kids.

Maybe. But what Antoine needs more than anything is a stern taskmaster who
truly respects(the literal meaning of the word, not the "respect" of money
that Antoine talks about) him. Antoine needs both support and discipline.