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Re: Cap money

At 03:57 AM 7/24/98 GMT, walker8@mailtag.com (Walker8) wrote:
>How much is each player on the Celtics getting paid, and how many years
>are left on each players' contracts?

You can get that info from the USA Today site at:


although I believe it is still showing last year's figures. And I do not
believe the contract lengths shown reflect potential option years.

>I also wanna know how much money under the cap do we have left.

Also available at USA Today at:

Which gives total salary and cap room that it says is based upon 97-98
figures. However, since it shows the Cs with $5M in cap room, I believe that
figure is based upon a guestimated cap figure for next season. That's the
problem with most of this right now. Everything is in limbo with the CBA
re-opened. The official new cap hasn't been announced, I assume because the
terms to calculate it are one of the issues being discussed. So we really
don't know how much room we'll have. Also, we still have at least one
unresolved contract situation with Popeye. He's a FA, which means he counts
against our cap unless we renounce him. Or re-sign him to a different
figure, of course. And neither can be done until the CBA situation is
resolved. Likewise, some of the other contracts might change, especially for
players making the minimum or near that.

Kim Malo