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Bulls new plan

I would like to know why people think all of the free agents(including Walker)
will be fighting with each other to sign with the Bulls. If MJ and Company
aren't there, this team is going right to the bottom. Why would any player
sign with a team that is known for penny-pinching, a no-name college coach,
and pressure to win? If the Bulls were able to sign a marqee player for 15-20
million a year, that just leaves 10-15 million to pay the rest of the team,
assuming the salary cap goes up. You need one solid franchise player at a
reasonable salary like Jason Kidd already on the team to make this strategy
attemptable, IMO. If MJ isn't there, nobody wants to start at the bottom and
rebuild, especially with a first year, no accomplishment coach. I think it is
just smoke the agents put out to try to scare owners into paying more to keep
their players....