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Re: Forget Getting Clark

In a message dated 98-07-23 14:12:36 EDT,  josh_ozersky@yahoo.com wrote:

<<Here is something one of my colleagues, the Orlando Magic columnist for
Bskball, has to report:
 "Keon Clark was far and away the best player at the camp.  He shot the ball
well, ran the floor well, was a shot blocking machine, but most of all Gabriel
was most impressed with his ability to get others  involved in the game with
his gift for passing.  Magic scouts said
Clark looked like a Center with PG ball handling ability.">>

That reference to Clark was a direct copy-n-paste from the Orlando Sentinel
column at the conclusion of their 4-day minicamp for their 3 first round draft
picks. it doesn't mean that Clark still isn't available in a trade for the
right price. It just means that the C's would need to "sweeten" their original
offer if they are serious about trying to trade for him. Orlando turned down a
future #1 from the C's on draft night for Clark.