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Chi Town


   It seems that the Jerrys came through in the clutch.  They hired Tim "Pink"
   Floyd as the Director of B-ball Operations, errr Future head coach.  This
   will allow them to place all the blame on Phil "Zen Master" Jackson when MJ
   retires because Jackson decides not to come back.  This is great.  Remove
   the blame from themselves.  Will it work?  Well not totally, but it probably
   buy them some time to totaly ruin the best thing any NBA team had going.

   Does anyone on this list actually think that Phil Jackson would come back to
   those two back stabbers?  The Jerry Show, err Bulls Management, have got to
   be the biggest idiots in the history of the world.  They should have checked
   their egos at the door and kissed MJ, Pip, and Jacksons ASS, so they could
   keep the money rolling in.  They had a printing press in Chicago.  

   Well anyway, I know this is a Celtics list so I'll leave it at that.

Shawn Roth

PitinoBall RULES!!!!!

Originally from J. Mark Estepp:
> The Chicago soap opera makes for interesting reading doesn't it?  Is Pink
> Floyd the coach or not?
> Anyhow, IF he is the coach, and IF MJ is not lured back to the Bulls by a
> 1-year $40 mill contract, I would expect Walker would be a player Chicago
> would love to start the rebuilding program with.  But consider the following:
> - A trade with the C's probably won't happen, because frankly, the Bulls
> don't have anything to trade.  All worth having except Kukoc (their savior
> in the eyes of the two Jerrys) are free agents.  Consider this: Could or
> would the Bulls sign Pippen to the $$ he wants, then would RP take him in a
> trade?  I hope not!
> - Walker, above all I believe, wants to win.  Chicago next year could be no
> better than the C's.  Would he go there, to play for a coach with not one
> minute of NBA experience?  To play in a city that will spend the next year
> (or longer) second guessing every move this team makes?  To play for the two
> Jerrys, who have a reputation for loyalty to each other only?
> - Walker's family seem to exert a lot of influence on him, which I think
> speaks highly of him.  They want him to stay in Boston.
> I believe that is where we will see him next year.
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