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Re: re-Ryan Lee's post

>Hey Joe, don't expect to much Walker cooperation around here. Seems like
>Boston hasn't had a winner in so long, they wouldn't recognize one if it
>happened. I agree with you somewhat about Bird. There is a lot of truth in
>your statement about Bird. Just ask Robert Parish. Walker is no Bird and I
>don't believe he will be as consistent as Bird. Right now he's the best
>we've got. This league is so mediocre without Jordan, Walker will fit in
>easily. The Celts will win w/Toine.

Yeah, 16 and 36 wins is a real winner. A player who led the league in
turnovers last year is a player who "makes everybody better". Throw in his
dogbreath free throw shooting and his magnificent 42% fgp, his half-assed
defense, his 30 plus technical fouls, shake and stir and you've got
yourself one hell of a hundred million dollar winning ballplayer. I'm just
glad you can recognize what we can't see. Hey Celtic Fans! Walker is
mediocre! That'll do just fine. Your logic has more holes in it than
Walker's game. He's young, he can develop further, but he doesn't rate the
big bucks yet. Not yet.

                                            Michael A. DiZio