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RE: re-Ryan Lee's post

> Yeah, 16 and 36 wins is a real winner.

> A player who led the league in turnovers last year is a player who "makes
>everybody better".

Antoine's a power forward who tried to do to much with the ball without a
real point guard for most of the last season. He was also the C's only other
scoring threat than Mercer. *If* Kenny's healthy the turnovers will vanish.
Antoine won't have to handle the ball as much and he won't have to work as
hard to create his own shot.

>Throw in his
> dogbreath free throw shooting and his magnificent 42% fgp,

His free throw shooting is inexcusable, but Kenny kicked Antoine's field
goal % to ~50%.

>his half-assed
> defense

With a decent PF(popeye) and a scoring SF in Pierce Antoine won't play as
many minutes next year. When Antoine doesn't husband his strength he's a
stellar defender.

> his 30 plus technical fouls

Those we can live with. When Antoine, under Kenny's tuteledge, establishes
himself in the eyes of the refs the technicals won't come as quickly.

> Walker is mediocre!

Hardly, Antoine's size, strength, speed and improving skills(remember how
much he improved from his first season to his second) Antoine is nowhere
near mediocre. Take any other power forward and leave them on the court
without a true point guard and see how well they do. They'll be "mediocre"

>Your logic has more holes in it than
> Walker's game.

Our logic(and your's) is just fine for the most part. It's just a matter of
what statistics one chooses to use or ignore.

>He's young, he can develop further, but he doesn't rate the
> big bucks yet.

Look at comparable contracts for players of his caliber. Resigning Antoine
must be our foremost priority. This year.