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Re: Globe vs. Walker

Nice post except for the embarrassing parts about me.   Actually, I'm
super biased. I use plenty of the techniques Noah decries in his Chomsky
post, in order to win list sympathy or make the other person's view look
unfair. (With a few exceptions like Bill Cooper, we all do this.That's
the whole point of the list.)  BTW, I thought Noah's post was very
"original". I'll bet half of us joined Greg O in groaning out loud when
Noah made his first reference to Chomsky etc., but his take on Bob Ryan
was very original, IMHO. Good stuff.  Thanks, Patrick, Noah.


Patrick Goggin wrote:

>         Thanks to Joe Hironaka for his wonderfully written and
> unbiased opinions etc.regarding this past weekend's tumult over
> Antoine Walker....wish Joe Hironaka wrote for the Globe because
> frankly, I think Walker deserves better than the current batch.