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holley on the air

Tony - thanks for that rockin' summary of the Mike Holley interview. funny how Ryan and the other gang of goons at the Globe don't screel about Mercer et al missing the workouts. 
And to Mark Berry, let me say as a fellow journalist that although I HAVE respected McDonough, Ryan et al in the past, I think their recent castigations (or castrations, as someone here aptly put it) of Walker are unconscionable, unfair and unprofessional. How 'honest' is it to take out of context quotes from an interview which you did not attend and use them to dub a 22 year old "a snotty punk???" I saw nothing in Mike Holley's article to support such a venemous conclusion, and I think it's telling Holley had to go on the air to defend Walker against his co-workers. 
Sports columnists, like columnists of any ilk, can get an overinflated sense of self-importance, and view their columns not just as bully pulpits but as a vantage point from which to lob bombs. It's irresponsbible, ugly and gives the profession a bad name.