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Re: Walker

Peter Delevett wrote:
>          Reply to:   Re: Walker
> I hope you are right, though, that it is all posturing. The Celtics need Walker, warts and all. Thanks for your thoughts.

> >Peter Delevett wrote:
> >> >> I don't know, I just see the Red Sox and Celtics both headed down this >destructive path of driving away their best players, men who are unquestionably >among the top performers in their respective leagues. I just don't get it. How many >times does a Roger Clemens have to leave town & win a Cy Young, or a Wade Boggs >go to New York and bat .300 plus??

Hi Peter,
Truthfully, I was never a big Boggs fan IMO, he undeniably is a great
hitter, but he was always more concerned about his stats than for the
team fortunes.
As far as Clemens he was a great pitcher for the Red Sox, BUT he was and
still is an A--HOLE and a punk. 
As far as Walker is concerned, being called a punk by Ryan is like 
calling the kettle black. Ryan is a great writer, but he is an elitist
punk and an ego maniac. Have you ever seen him on the Sports Reporters,
he comes across as an arrogant know it all. 
I watched every Celtic game that I received on my dish and honestly I
can't remember Antoine not giving 200% on the court. If Antoine is our
best player and I believe he is, I want the ball in his hands. No
question he has to improve parts of his game and does any one think for
a minute that he himself doesn't realize that he has weaknesses to work
on. This rush to trade him is insanity, especially when I haven't seen
one trade for him giving us equal value. Funny, people are willing to
throw millions at Geiger (A Backup) or a Ratliff (An OK player), but
when Antoine tries to get millions(I also think he is asking too much)a
lot of people get bent out of shape. I remember Larry Bird negotiating
his last salary and there were many words back and forth between Woolf
and C's management and after he signed they all kissed and I think Bird
said something like I just love to play BB and I would have played for
nothing. All contract talk in the paper is BS, the player high balls and
the team low balls and both try to do it thru the press.
Bottom line, we have 3 terrific players in key positions and a new
rookie that many people rave about and it seems some people on this list
are trying to break them up already. We could be on the edge of another
great run if we just have patience,sign what we have,add a decent
starting center if possible (Mikumbo, maybe)and we will have some fun in
the millenium.